Carbon Tubes


Please complete all frames according to determined technical data to your specifications.


We combine the necessary parameters for optimum carbon fibre tube production with the latest technology and top materials. We are aware that the use of composites enables the production of products with exceptional mechanical features and strength with low weight.


    Stainless steel mandrel is wrapped with various layers of narrow carbon prepreg tape. Various tape widths allow for different angles of fibres. Such wrapped tapes give necessary pressure strength. Between these layers we place even more layers of longitudinal UD prepregs, which give perfect flexible strength to the finish products. Hi-tech shrink tape caused high pressure on curing materials. Autoclave curing takes 3 hours at the temperature of 140 degrees Celsius. After cooling, the mandrel is removed and the tape unscrewed.


    All carbon fibres we use in carbon fibre tube production are in prepreg form. Prepreg fibres are those that have been pre-impregnated with a resin system. As matrix, we use epoxy resin with high homogeneous weight. We use different carbon fibre grades for carbon fibre tube production, depending on the desired mechanical properties: T700, IMS65, M40J. We use only high quality epoxy matrix with a Tg under 100 degrees Celsius and a completely transparent look.


    Production consisting of further phases: carbon prepreg appliance, installation and curing. For carbon fibre tube processing, we have a cutting machine, winding machine and a curing autoclave. During carbon fibre tube production, we carefully monitor all technical parameters. Carbon fibre tubes are a part of a wide composite area.

  4. TOOLS

    All tools in carbon fibre tube production are in mandrel form. We use both rod and stainless steel tubes for carbon fibre tube production. A wide range of diameters are used in production. Before moulding, all tools require a high gloss surface, which enables carbon fibre tube removal. Release agent is applied to the surface before carbon fibre tube processing


    Our approach is founded on following every phase in carbon fibre tube production. So we employ many quality parameters in order to ensure the highest possible quality of end products.


    Besides carbon fibre tubes, we also plan to perform other profile shaping in the future.

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